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What’s your favourite coffee?

It’s certainly no secret that we love a coffee here at VTWO. Have a read below at what the VTWO crew enjoy.


What’s your favourite coffee?

My favourite used to be Mocca. The deliciousness of hot chocolate with the caffeine hit. And, a marsh-mellow. Honestly, how is this not everyones favourite brew? I was told to grow up.

Our MoccaMaster was a gift from a friend and we put A LOT of beans from @3000thieves which keeps us going!

On a side note, what is a good brand of tea?


What’s your favourite coffee?

This is a tough one. I love a latte or a flat white first thing in the morning – I rarely eat breakfast, so this often counts for it.

I love our MoccaMaster (filtered coffee) machine that we have here in the office though – and can drink a few cups over the day. It’s more like tea though, so you don’t get that massive coffee buzz.


What’s your favourite coffee?

My mornings are milk free. My go to is whatever filter coffee we have delivered from @3000thieves, ran through our MoccaMaster.

In the afternoon I can’t go past a cappuccino and some kind of pastry.


What’s your favourite coffee?

I just always order a flat white – purely because that’s what my wife has and it’s easier to order “2 large, flat whites, please.”

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