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Level 1, 387 Little Bourke Street
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Our number one asset is us.

At our humble VTWO, our number one asset is us.

It’s how we interact with you, casual and comfortable; it’s the value we bring, the questions we ask and the information you provide to us, that allow us to do a great job.

In other words, our podcasts allow you to get to know us.

According to By Nicholas Quah from Nieman Lab, AM/FM radio was 52%, down from 56% last year (USA) and additionally, more than half (53%) of monthly Spotify users aged 12-24 report being monthly podcast listeners, up from 32% last year.

As he notes, this means only good things for Spotify.

According to the latest Internet Trends report, by Mary Meeker, released last week, approximately 70 million people globally listen to podcasts – that’s doubled in the previous four years. Moreover, why shouldn’t we have a piece of that attention pie, with the average US adult spending over 6 hours each day with digital media, more than half of that on their mobiles.

So when we write an article early in the week, and back it up with a podcast later in the week, we’re (trying) to help you get better context around our thoughts and knowledge… and we’re always on the lookout for problems – so send your questions through.

Listen to the VTWO Podcast here –

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vtwo/id1272714129
Google Play: bit.ly/2r1XqxJ
Anchor: anchor.fm/vtwo
Overcast: overcast.fm/itunes1272714129/vtwo
Pocket Casts: pca.st/pZ6Q

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Written by Dan Wilkins

Instagram – @TheWilkoShow
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Twitter – @TheWilkoShow

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