Everyday Carry: Dan Wilkins

There are certain things that we need every day. What we want/think we need/rely on…

Let’s go with rely on, every day. In Part I of our VTWO Essentials, we break down a few items that Co-Founder Dan Wilkins brings with him every day.

Timbuk2 Backpack
I’ve always struggled with everyday bags. Backpacks are hardly style makers, but what they give up in aesthetics, they make up for in practicality. I’m a multi-pocket sort of person; each pocket holds something different and only what it is meant to. This backpack from Timbuk2 (newly in Australia) is fantastic.

The Power Of Culture
This book was written by my uncle, Jeremy Nichols, and it is bloody sensational. Culture might seem like the new buzzword, but if you care about your company and the people in it (not in that order) then you would be ill-advised to not pay attention to how your team are feeling.

The Decision Book
Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking (New Edition) by Mikael Krogerus. The title speaks for itself. It’s a brilliant book to have in your bag, in your hand, on your desk etc. It’s compact and easy to put in a small carry bag/pouch.

Field Notes
Love their product, love the way they offer it, love their branding. Yeah, tech is good, but have you ever tried to take things in the way you do if you write them? If you’ve never watched Field Notes co-founder, Aaron Draplin talk, I cannot recommend it enough.

Power Bank
Cygnett ChargeUp Bolt 15000mAh 2.1A Power Bank Self-explanatory. Large, but essential.

iPhone XS MAX
The go-to. You know what though? The best phone I’ve ever had was the Google Pixel. So intuitive. But, having iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro really make the poor Pixel feel left out. So, back into the Apple-world, I was forced.


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