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Aromatherapy Candles: aromatherapy at the service of your pleasure

Aromatherapy helps us to calm down or strengthen parts of our character and spirit, let’s move consciously in this huge scented landscape.

Lavender, pine, eucalyptus, citrus… the essences used in aromatherapy are not only used to perfume the environment and make the air at home pleasant but can also be a valuable support for our health and well-being, both physical and mental.

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Natural Aromatherapy Candle

What is aromatherapy: a definition

It is a branch of phytotherapy that uses essential oils distilled from plants to treat a wide range of disorders, from headaches to insect bites, from cramps to colds. This discipline is really very old: first Egyptians and then Greeks and Romans used oils flavoured with herbs to perfume the body and clothes, purify the air and create ointments with medicinal functions.

The term aromatherapy was coined by the French chemist Gattefossè, who worked with essential oils to produce cosmetics and who had noticed that lavender oil wraps were useful to relieve the pain caused by sunburn.

Aromatherapy: how it works

The beneficial effect of aromatherapy is obtained either by air, therefore perfuming the rooms, objects, clothes; or by skin, with local applications of the essences for example through massages; or, sometimes, by mouth, for example with the use of mouthwashes based on essential oils.

The best results are obtained by using natural essential oils. Packaged in small bottles, the quality ones are sold in natural food shops and in herbalist shops (floral or fruity fragrances present in commercial products, such as scented candles and potpourri, are often artificial). Here’s how to use them to take care of yourself with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy consists of the use of essential oils extracted from plants, burned in special diffusers. The same result can be obtained through candles, which offer greater practicality. In modern practice, these oils are used for massages and wraps, baths, mud baths, foot baths and masks. Although it is not a medical practice, aromatherapy is used to combat certain physical and mental disorders such as dyspepsia, skin infections, gastrointestinal diseases, abdominal swelling, mood conditioning and relaxation.

This practice is also easy to implement at home, commonly using scented candles containing perfumed oils. These can be placed inside small jars that allow you to turn off the candle at any time, avoiding waste and preserving the scent.

Today on the market you can find an almost infinite number of fragrances, to meet every request. An immense flowery bouquet for lovers of natural fragrances, which includes roses, daisy, jasmine and violet. Fruity flavours range from peach to mandarin, from green apple to pineapple. There is no shortage of fragrances to effect, a mix of delicate fragrances reminiscent of the sea, a green meadow, the mountain, the lake, winter.

One of the brands that has expanded the offer, coming to produce fragrances that reproduce a fresh laundry or strawberry biscuits is Yankee Candle. Its candles are contained in pretty glass jars of different sizes. Ikea produces a line of flavored candles, contained in glass jars or not. also has an assortment of votive candles, jar candles and oil-burning diffusers.

Depending on the purpose you want to achieve through aromatherapy, at home you can burn a relaxing candle with chamomile, an energizing one with mandarin, a one with lime that promotes concentration, a one with chocolate for an injection of good humor.