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Level 1, 387 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

2018 Hancock Prospecting Short Course Championships


See your superheroes do superhuman things.

Held over three days and three nights, the 2018 Hancock Prospecting Short Course Championships offered rare, world-class racing in Melbourne for the first time in over a decade. Boasting an entry list including the likes of Mack Horton, Ariarne Titmus, Ellie Cole and Jess Hanson among others, the fast-paced action of the 25 metre short course format provided a spectacle that was guaranteed to be enjoyed by those watching. Situated in the outdoor pool of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and complimented by a fan zone and food  trucks, the event provided a perfect balance of pleasure and entertainment.

T H E  G O A L

Drive sales and provide coverage.

Put simply, the goal was to see people attend the event. In order to do this, we had to ensure that people not only knew about the event, but could see value in attending. In addition to this, we had to ensure that the event itself received adequate coverage.

W H E R E  W E  C O M E   I N

Maintaining an engaged community.

Paid Media
Prior to the event, VTWO was tasked with devising a paid media strategy which took these goals into consideration. Through working closely with Swimming Australia, we crafted an extensive and detailed content calendar, with each aspect containing different goals and outcomes yet still adhering to the overarching objective. We were careful not to ‘oversell’ the event and the result was a plan which delivered content that educated, informed and entertained consumers.

Content Creation
Filming some of the athletes who were set to compete provided additional content that could be rolled out across our paid media strategy. To ensure that our content wouldn’t be lost in the feed, we were able to employ eye catching design elements whilst staying true to previously set brand guidelines.

Event Coverage
For the event itself, we were able to do what we’re now so accustomed to; providing quality content for those following the event.


Great content, fast.

Covering an event of this size and pace poses many challenges. The overwhelming one is being able to keep up whilst at the same time produce content that people willingly consume. Luckily, through past experience, we were well equipped for just that. Our team at the event was not only able to capture high quality imagery, but were able to transfer it to Instagram stories and main social feeds within seconds. Coupled with custom graphics applied to photos, we were able to create content that would stand out in people’s feeds. This, combined with providing live results through Twitter allowed followers of the event to stay informed and not miss any of the action.


Eyes on the content and event.


E V E N T  C O V E R A G E
On-Site Event Coverage
Media Management

C O N T E N T  C R E A T I O N
Film & Video
Photo & Video Editing
Social Posting


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